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The Journal of Range Management will probably have what you need.

Pete Deal

"John E. Silvius" wrote:

> Greetings:
> Could anyone point me to some good journal sources that contain
> acceptable procedures for sampling  vegetation (and secondarily animal
> populations)  in a prairie  community so as to follow changes in
> populations during prairie development  and beyond.  My research has
> focused on forest community analysis using plot and point-quarter
> sampling, etc. and I am not up on the  currently accepted approaches
> for prairies.
>  I am particularly interested in help with regard to permanent
> marking of sample locations.   I am thinking of establishing a grid of
>  points marked by metal rods (fire resistant) and use these as center
> points for a rosette of line intercept samples in various compass
> directions from the point.  My philosophy is to minimize the amount of
>  hardware introduced, but one may suggest that plot sampling is best.
> These are the kind of questions I have.
>  Thanks for your assistance or referral.
>  Sincerely,
>  John Silvius
>  Professor of Biology
>  Cedarville University
>  silviusj at
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