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david walker david at
Mon Mar 12 11:59:02 EST 2001

Good home wanted.

In 1998  my son and I put together a web site

As you will see, if you would care to glance at, it the concept came from a
scientific illustrator ( Mic Rolph ) and, as its url implies, the idea was
to put questions on beer mats (coasters) in British pubs which would further
"the public understanding of science". Whether or not it succeeded in this
lofty ambition it attracted a lot of interest but now it is about to be laid
to rest because my ISP only permits me a certain amount of space and I need
all that I can afford.

All of the questions would, I have no doubt, be readily answered by
contributors to Plant ed but they might task the knowledge of some students
and, who knows, foster interest in matters biological, chemical and
If anyone would care to offer a home to this site (i.e accommodate it on
their own ISP) I would be glad to hear from them All I can offer by way of
reward for such a public minded gesture is a set of the original beer mats.

David Walker


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