Pinus Aristata??Pinus Longaeva

QDurham qdurham at
Sun Mar 18 13:30:47 EST 2001

>Yes, they are two separate species, but have only been separated for a
relatively short time - since 1970. The only readily apparent difference
between the two is the lack of resinous flecking on P. longaeva and the
location of native populations. P. longaeva is more prominent in the White Mts.
and in areas of Utah and Arizona; P. aristata is more often found deeper in the
Southwest basin - Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico.>

Nice answer, Pam.  Many thanks.  Incidentally a visit to the White Mt. National
Bristlecone Forest site is a stunner.  Parking lot is at about 10,000
(Honda-gasping) feet.  Clear day view from same is from Anchorage to Tierra del
Fuego.  (OK, so I lie -- but not by much.) Look across the Owens Valley to the
Sierra -- including Whitney at 14K+.  For obvious reasons, road closed in
winter.  Check ahead.

Later, trundle along 395 to ghost town of Bodie.  Amazingly interesting and

Have a great dinner in Lone Pine at "Seasons." (No ad.  Simple statement.  Was
there last Tuesday.)

In season, drive to Yosemite via Tioga Pass -- one of the all-time great
passes.  9,000+ feet. 



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