Pinus Aristata??Pinus Longaeva

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Mon Mar 19 10:24:37 EST 2001

Thanks, Pam.

So it sounds like P. longaeva is the really old, more famous one, and the
one that was renamed.  Does this sound right?



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> Rivka Widerman wrote:
>> Dear Folks,
>> I am confused by the Bristlecone pine taxonomy.  Is Pinus aristata the 5000
>> year old trees in the White Mtns.?  Has it been changed to P. Longaeva
>> (sp?)?  Are there two separate species?
> Yes, they are two separate species, but have only been separated for a
> relatively short time - since 1970. The only readily apparent difference
> between the two is the lack of resinous flecking on P. longaeva and the
> location of native populations. P. longaeva is more prominent in the White Mts
> and in areas of Utah and Arizona; P. aristata is more often found deeper in
> the
> Southwest basin - Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico.
> Pam - gardengal

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