Private, not Secret!

TJ t-jacobs at
Mon Mar 26 16:31:57 EST 2001

OK OK.  Attenborough's "Private Life of Plants" gets two thumbs up all 
around, but someone else's "Secret Life of Plants" gets only one thumb 
up and only as a source for *negative* examples of "science".  Sorry to 
have caused any the confusion by my mistaking "Secret" for "Private".

Whew.  For a while there I actually thought that all that awesome 
timelapse magic Attenborough's crew concocted was obscuring some 
misinformational nonsense to which I shouldn't be exposing my students.

I do agree however that, despite their overall aesthetic, enthusiasm and 
WOW value, it's hard to pick clips from Attenborough's videos for an 
intro botany class.  I love and use the xylem transport animation and 
the timelapse of arctic poppies phototroping (although this year I may 
use Roger Hangarter's Quicktime movies -- see his website at Indiana U), 
but nothing beyond those from Attenborough has entered my standard Plant 
Bio 100 repertoire. Still, I'm always thinking that if I just view them 
again I'd certainly find more....


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