plant and organismal biology

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Fri May 4 09:47:27 EST 2001

I am at a community college few miles south of Skidmore, from which this
thread initiates.  One of the issues that we face is that incoming
students from New York State will be coming in with Regents diploma
requirements from high school.  These are focused strongly on
cellular/molecular issues.  The expertise in our department is more
organismal--anatomy and physiology, microbiology, general biology, human
biology, etc.  Our botanical offerings are two: a general botany course
and an online economic botany course.  I plan to create an online herbal
medicine course next year.  Our three major populations in the HVCC
biology department are 1) allied health, with A&P, microbiology focus,
2) transfer to biology (general biology, additional cell/molecular), or
3) environmental studies (general biology, ecology, maybe botany if the
general biology sequence not elected).  As a result of no real call from
transfer institutions or employers for botany, we're not going to build
up our green offerings.  If anything, the drive in this department is to
enhance our cell/molecular offerings to build upon what the high school
students are bringing in.  I guess it's a Catch-22.  No demand, so no
course offerings.  Bill Crone, HVCC Biology

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