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> Does anybody know anything about Mycorrhiza, it is a plant specific fungus
> that exists in the soil , interacting with the roots for the good of the
> plant I know there are different ones for agricultural use, trees and
> forests, and usual gaden plants. How do you know if you've got it ? If you
> havent got it where can you get it ? Does it really aid plants
> to bother introducing it ? Have any of you used it ?

Many different bacteria/fungi have a sybiotic relationship with roots. Any
gardencenter will sell garden/bean innoculant.  It makes a large diference
with beans peas ect.  but i doubt it would help any other plants much.  If
you want it for trees just go to any well established grove or orchard and
dig up a shovelful of dirt.  Bury it in your yard  and the colonies of
fungus will spread from it.

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