Rose Bushes coated in wax....

Monique Reed monique at
Thu May 10 11:09:50 EST 2001

I don't think it's the wax since I've seen *healthy* rosebushes sprout
right through it. You can peel it off or remove it with warm water, if
you like. Unfortunately, a lot of "cheapo" rosebushes, the kind one
buys in a bag at the local discount store, are often not survivors to
begin with.  They are bare root plants yanked/dug up, often with the
roots trimmed, packed in damp sawdust, and put in bags. One never
knows to what extremes of heat, cold, or dessication they've been
subjected.  Real rosarians can get anything to grow, perhaps, but I
have found it a better investment to pay more for a pot-grown rose or
one from a reputable rose supplier. 

Monique Reed

Stacy & Robert wrote:
> > The wax will dry up and flake off by itself, and the bush should
> > sprout right through it.
> >
> > M. Reed
> >
>    I hope it will the first one I bought with wax on it died. My second one
> seems the be doing good. But no sprouts yet it hasn't been a week yet since
> I put it in the ground. It's a David Austin rose bush maybe you have heard
> of them. I'm crossing my fingers.........

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