Rose Bushes coated in wax....

Stacy & Robert robertnstacy at
Thu May 10 15:55:12 EST 2001

 I see.....well I'll try my best to bring this one along. It's not a bag
bought Rose although the first one I attempted was. The Dave Austin was pack
well in a box, so far it's looking good thought I have not seen any new
growth yet. They say it will take a good two weeks before it starts showing
signs of new growth. All I can do for now is keep it well watered and hope
it starts to grow.
Thank you for all your input.....keep your fingers crossed for me !

Monique Reed <monique at> wrote in message
news:3AFABD4E.F9B9AE48 at
> I don't think it's the wax since I've seen *healthy* rosebushes sprout
> right through it. You can peel it off or remove it with warm water, if
> you like. Unfortunately, a lot of "cheapo" rosebushes, the kind one
> buys in a bag at the local discount store, are often not survivors to
> begin with.  They are bare root plants yanked/dug up, often with the
> roots trimmed, packed in damp sawdust, and put in bags. One never
> knows to what extremes of heat, cold, or dessication they've been
> subjected.  Real rosarians can get anything to grow, perhaps, but I
> have found it a better investment to pay more for a pot-grown rose or
> one from a reputable rose supplier.
> Monique Reed
> Stacy & Robert wrote:
> >
> > > The wax will dry up and flake off by itself, and the bush should
> > > sprout right through it.
> > >
> > > M. Reed
> > >
> >    I hope it will the first one I bought with wax on it died. My second
> > seems the be doing good. But no sprouts yet it hasn't been a week yet
> > I put it in the ground. It's a David Austin rose bush maybe you have
> > of them. I'm crossing my fingers.........

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