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>"Fisher, Roxanne" wrote on 24/4/01 6:36 pm 
>>Dear plant-ed folks: 
>>One of my former students now heads an after-school program for grades
>>at the daycare center my son attends. She's looking for resources to plan 
>>science activities (not strictly plant bio, but including plant bio) for
>>students. Are there any websites, books, or organizations that might be 
>>helpful to her that you would recommend? 

The National Gardening Assocation publishes a book called 
"Growlab: Activities for Growing Minds", geared for K-8. I"ve used 
it for 7 years in a week-long "Plants in the Classroom" workshop 
for teachers...and that tough audience gives it high marks. 
The organizaitions web address is 
Linda Heath 
Biology Department 
Xavier Universtiy 
Cincinnati, OH 452-704331 


Be aware that the GrowLab curriculum guides have a number of glaring errors
such as saying that plants only respire at night.

Wisconsin Fast Plants is an innovative plant curriculum for all levels.

C-Fern is another innovative plant curriculum:

The journal, American Biology Teacher, published by the National Association
of Biology Teachers has numerous articles on hands-on biology experiments
and all aspects of biology teaching. They also have many books on biology

The Mad Scientists Network answers teacher and student science questions and
has a large searchable archive of answers to past questions:

The Botanical Society of America has some education resources: as does the American Society of Plant Physiologists:

Australia has a Green Machine education site:

My book, "Plant Biology Science Projects", has junior and senior high level
projects, including sections on hydroponics and how to set up an experiment.
There are a number of other botany science project books but most have
inaccuracies because they were not written by botanists so you need to use
caution when using them.

David R. Hershey
dh321 at

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