Request for help (What should be in an introductory botany course?)

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The most popular nonmajors introductory botany text appears to be Stern's
"Introductory Plant Biology" in its eighth edition. The table of contents
(26 chapters) gives a good idea of topics that can be covered in an intro
botany course:

The most advanced of the introductory botany texts is probably Raven et al's
"Biology of Plants" (6th edition)(34 chapters): 
There are several other recent college intro botany texts including 

1. Mauseth. "Botany: An Introduction to Plant Biology"

2. Moore et al. "Botany"

3. Rost et al. "Plant Biology"

4. Uno, Storey and Moore. "Principles of Botany"

5. Kaufman et al. "Plants: Their Biology and Importance" 

6. Northington and Schneider. "The Botanical World"

Please note that most of the botany textbook websites cited above have
useful educational resources, for example, the Current Global  Botany Issues
on the Stern book site.

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