Abstract Thinking

Wilson Crone cronewil at hvcc.edu
Mon May 14 13:34:19 EST 2001

Oh, I love doing that for tests--changing wording, doing some problem solving, or
asking homework questions such as --"Look at Winslow Homer's famous painting The
Gulf Stream.  What kind of sharks could be circling the boat (from my vertebrate
zoology class this spring)?"   We try to practice this way of understanding
material more than just memorizing it during lectures and recitations.  I agree, it
tends to build up a bit of hostility in students who "can only" memorize, but I
think it helps to separate those who've thought it through and those who haven't.
Ultimately, that is the lesson I am trying to get across more than regurgitation
of  content.  Bill Crone, HVCC Biology

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