Details in college biology classes

Wilson Crone cronewil at
Thu May 17 08:48:51 EST 2001

I agree with Dave H.'s comments about TCA cycle intermediates and forgetting
about other (dare I say, organismal?) issues.  At last count, I memorized the
cycle in seven different classes, but even as I sit here and type this, I
couldn't tell you the whole cycle.  At the community college, I am trying to get
students to think about biological situations rather than to expect them all to
be biology majors, particularly being in a service department without them.
Otherwise, as Dave said, it sounds like a situation of sitting down and
determining the goals/outcomes of the introductory classes within the context of
the whole department.   Given the increasing chemical/molecular basis of
biology, we may be needing to treat intro biol more like a chemistry course with
problem sets, lab experimentation, etc. anyhow.   Bill Crone, HVCC Biology

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