curriculum for greenhouse

richard mcguiness armich at
Fri May 18 04:36:31 EST 2001

The local County Special Education Program here has long run a
greenhouse in conjunction with an offsite work crew (Workability
Program) that perform community landscape services. The greenhouse
raises annuals for the crew and for sale annually (springtime). daily
work at the greenhouse includes washing/sterilizing pots (with Bleach
solution), mixing soil. filling pots and flats, starting seeds,
transplanting, watering. Off site crews plant, maintain, water, weed and
replace when necessary. Another high schoo; class had raised bed organic
herbs and vegetables as a class project, in conjunction with a
greenhouse and worm composting unit using shredded paper from another
classroom workability project, and vegetative scraps from the schools
cafeteria every day, filling a 4'x12'x 1' box bt the end of the school
year, and providing quite an education. The main problem here was that
the students were extremely low functioning, and the rest of the school
saved it for those kids when they should/could have just dove right in.
Everybody gets an education that way.  Richard McGuiness

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> curriculum for mental and physical handicapped students, also
> activities

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