temperature sensitive paper/film

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Check Edmund Scientific. They have paint that will do the same type of
thing. You can paint it on real leaves (or anything else for that matter)
and look at temperature differences by color.


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> Hi all,
> I'm seeking advice on setting up a new lab for my plant biology course.  A
> colleague of mine described this lab to me - one that he enjoyed as an
> undergraduate student.  The lab is designed to demonstrate the effect of
> leaf size/ shape/ and angle on the temperature of the leaf.  They used
> temperature sensitive paper or film (or some similar product) and cut out
> the shape and size of different leaves. The leaves were then inserted into a
> wind tunnel and illuminated from above.  The paper would change color -
> correlating with particular temperatures.  I'm not sure where to get such
> temperature sensitive paper/film.  Does anyone have advice on where to look?
> Also - if anyone has ever set up such a lab, I would appreciate any advice.
> Thanks,
> Amy Verhoeven

My 2 electrons,


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