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>Was wondering if there were suggestions for a text for a Plant
>Morphology course that is something of a diversity survey that begins
>with the bacteria and ends with the flowering plants?  The instructor
>who has taught this class has used Bold in the past, but that is no
>longer in print.
>Edward Weiss


McGraw-Hill publishes introductory textbooks which have extensive
information on plant diversity.  If you tell them which chapters you
want to use, they will bind them separately for your students as a
paperback book.  These "take-outs" will be less expensive than the
entire textbook. This might work if you are teaching the diversity
course at the freshman or sophomore level.  

Moore, Randy, W. Dennis Clark, and Darrell S. Vodopich.  1998. Botany. 
2nd Ed. Dubuque, IA:  McGraw-Hill.

Stern, Kingsley R.  2000. Introductory Plant Biology. 8th Ed.  Dubuque,
IA:  McGraw-Hill.

Uno, Gordon, Richard Storey, and Randy Moore.  2001.  Principles of
Botany.  1st Ed.  Dubuque, IA:  McGraw-Hill.

My personal choice is Stern because of the way he presents and
illustrates life cycles.  All are drawn on the same format which makes
it very easy for students to see the similarities and differences.

There are excellent introductory biology and plant biology texts by
other authors and other publishers but I don't know if they will bind
excerpts for you.

Campbell, Neil A. and Jane B. Reece. 2002.  Biology.  6th Ed.  San
Francisco: Benjamin

Raven, Peter H., Ray F. Evert, Susan E. Eichhorn.  1999. Biology of
Plants  6th Ed.  New York:  W.H. Freeman.

You undoubtedly know of the authoritative book by Margulis
and Schwartz but it covers all groups of living organisms, not just

Margulis, Lynn and Karlene V. Schwartz. 1998.  Five Kingdoms:  An
Illustrated Guide to the Phyla of Life on Earth.  3rd Ed.  New York:  W.
H. Freeman.

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