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Jon Monroe monroejd at
Mon Nov 12 10:34:16 EST 2001

Hi all,

I hope you have all been enjoying the last month of spam-free Plant-ed. 
Serving as moderator has not been a problem for me at all.

Here are a few things I have learned:  Attachments can not be forwarded
through a moderator.  If you think you need to send an attachment, try
putting the text in the body of the message, or, if it is an image, put
it on the web and send a URL to the group.  Also, formatted text doesn't
work.  In both cases the messages bounce back to me.  Please send your
messages as plain text (most of you do so it has not been much of a problem).

To spread the word about this group and to make it easier for me to
answer your questions about subscribing or unsubscribing I wrote a page
about Plant-ed:  Feel
free to send that URL to your friends that might be interested.

Thanks for your support.

Plant-ed moderator

 Jonathan D. Monroe                 Associate Professor 
 Department of Biology, MSC 7801   office: 540-568-6649 
 James Madison University             fax: 540-568-3333 
 Harrisonburg, VA 22807         email: monroejd at 


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