'A 24/365 library?'

david walker david at alegba.demon.co.uk
Fri Nov 16 11:52:38 EST 2001

Retirement has given me more opportunity to fool about on computers than is
good for my health. It has therefore come as a bit of surprise, in an
age of
digital communication, journals on-line and such, to find that my new found
enthusiasm  for the Internet is not as widely shared as I might have
supposed. Perhaps I am already in danger of becoming too much of an
evangelist.   Nevertheless, I am entirely convinced that I would have been
better informed and aspects of my teaching that much easier had I been able
to have the Internet at my elbow in the way that I have now. Accordingly,
and knowing full well that I shall be preaching to many of the
converted, I
decided to risk sharing my thoughts on this matter with anyone in Plant Ed
who cares to read 'In Praise of Search Engines and Portable Documents' at


David Walker


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