Looking for a consultant on slime molds

David W. Kramer kramer.8 at osu.edu
Tue Nov 27 09:45:44 EST 2001

B.J.Kim, a high school student in an AP Biology class asked for help
with a slime mold project.  Here is my reply to BJ but I thought
perhaps some of my PlantEd colleagues could help, especially if you or
a colleague have knowledge of Physarum and can help BJ directly. 
Please respond directly to BJ at "BYNUG KIM" <<Annyongguy at msn.com>

Dave Kramer


I'm sorry that I did not respond to your earlier request.  I cannot
find it in my email so must have deleted it by mistake. 

I am not an expert in slime molds and do not know anyone who is. 
Sorry!  I will ask my colleagues if anyone can help you.  You might
hear directly from them.  I'm sure you have done all the usual
things... like looking in an encyclopedia then looking for the author
of the article and writing directly to that person.  You can also use
the search engines on the web.  You will have better results by
searching for Physarum (it is spelled incorrectly in your message)
rather than slime molds.  For example, I just found the PhysarumPlus
web site at


by Dr. Mark Adelman.  You might try emailing him directly through the
link on his home page at


The University of California's Museum of Paleontology has a nice intro
to slime molds at 


A recent (August 2001) article in Carolina Tips from the Carolina
Biological Supply Co. can be downloaded from (look under 2001)


...and hundreds of additional sites are listed when I searched via Alta


Good luck with your project!

<excerpt>Hi... My name is B. J. Kim, a high school senior looking for a
professional consultant to talk to for my independent project.  It is
for my A.P. Biology class and my topic is on Slime Molds (Physarium).

I e-mailed you few weeks ago and haven't received a reply...

I'm supposed to design a lab and I need some ideas and help... This can
be done through e-mails...

I live in Colorado and I failed to find a professional consultant

So can you help me or do you know anybody who can help me?

It will be great if I can talk to a consultant...




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