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Tue Oct 2 16:04:10 EST 2001

Dear Sir/Madam, 

Please allow me to give some 
information on our product which we are manufacturing from Srilanka. 

Cocopeat is made out of coir fibre which is a natural alternative to Peat 
Moss, Rockwool, Expanded Clay, Perlite Vermiculite, Pumice and other 
Synthetic Foams.  It is 100% organic, enviromentally friendly, economical, 
biodegradable, user friendly, eco friendly and  easily renewable. 

Compared to peat moss - It is 100% organic with renewable resources and no 
chemical compounds, biodegradable, can last upto 3-5 years in the soil, no 
problems with potting machines due to the lack of long fibres, weeds and 
pathogens, no ecological drawbacks. 

Best Suited for: 

- Home gardens 
- Commerical gardens 
- Green houses 
- Large scale farms 

Ideal for: 

- Sowing seeds 
- Cuttings 
- Layering/regeneration 
- Potting 
- Mulching 
- Lawns 
- Vegetable and flower plots etc. 

Soil conditioner for any type of soil: 

- Since it is fibrous, it can break up clay soil, giving friability and 
- Plowing it in to sandy soil improves its texture and retains moisture, 
oxygen and vital nutrients. 
- PH range helps to conditon the soil. 

High Water Holding Capacity: 

- Can hold upto 8-9 times its volume of water. 
- Does not require a wetting agent. 
- Ideal for use in dry areas. 
- Facilitates fertilisation by retaining nutrients in the soil and evenly 
distributing water for the plant to absorb it efficiently. 

I am trying to establish / find a market in North America for the above product
from Srilanka.  If you have any interest please do not hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to your reply. 


Amyn F. Lassi 
Phone:  407-240 2466 
Fax: 407-240 9927 
e-mail:  lassi3407 at 

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