Root nodules

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Fri Oct 5 09:16:00 EST 2001

I have also had bad luck with Carolina's inoculum.  You can dig up a clover
outside, remove and surface-sterilize some nodules, crush them in sterile
0.2 M sucrose (or water), and streak on yeast-mannitol agar.  In less
than a
week, you will have your own inoculum.  Then you can do experiments like
comparing +/- N fertilizer on nodule growth.

Nancy Artus
West Chester University

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> Hi, all!
> I've been trying to grow clover, soybean, etc. to show root nodules to
> students without success.  Can anyone recommend a plant that does well
> and what is the amount of time needed to grow these plants from seeds in
> order to see root nodules?  I've been using the rhizobium innoculum from
> Carolina Biological... it's a black dust.
> Thanks!
> Kathy Pelkki
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