Origin of land plants/Origin of Angiosperms

Beverly Brown bjbrown at naz.edu
Wed Oct 10 12:31:46 EST 2001


This summer I attended a BioQuest workshop on microbiology.  As part of
that workshop my group produced a lab activity using gene sequences and
other tools available on Workbench (http://workbench.sdsc.edu/).  The
goals of the lab were to introduce students to phylogenetic trees and
how to contruct them.  We also wanted them to learn something about the
various species/families.  I would like to modify this activity to have
plant biology students look at 1.  the origin of land plants and 2.  the
origin of angiosperms.  I am not a systematist, so I would appreciate
input on:

What groups/families/species would be/should be included in these
What gene sequences are commonly used, or do we stand a chance of
finding in multiple species?
Do you think it will be possible to find enough material to do this

Once this is developed (assuming we meet with success), I'll be glad to
share it with others.

Thanks for your input!



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