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>Dear Plant-Eders
>I am in crunch here for time.  I know this question has come up in the list
>some time ago.  What is the conversion factor from foot candle to moles
>photons/sq. meter/sec?
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The simple answer is you can't convert foot-candles to mol/m2 s.

1 fc = 1 lumen /ft2
1 lux (the SI unit) = 1 lumen / m2

so 1 fc = 10.76 lux

A lumen is a measure of energy and so the conversion of lumens to moles
depends on the wavelength.

Time doesn't enter the equation anywhere.

This information is from the lab manual I wrote for in-house Cell Biology.
I'm not an expert on light measurements.  If I'm wrong, I hope to be

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