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Wed Oct 17 09:06:41 EST 2001

I just received this inquiry from a former student.  My first reaction was
to tell her that it is impossible to create a bog (except in a terrarium).
Then I reminded myself that people have created ponds, wetlands, prairies,
etc.  Is a bog really so complicated that it could not be created?  Does
anyone know of an example?  Are there any bog projects elsewhere in the US?
Canada?  World?  where this teacher could get some advice?  Help!

Dr. Kramer, I was in the OSU Science Academy in 1999. I teach 5th grade in
Lexington. I am thinking of applying for a grant in science through the Toyota
Company. The purpose of the grant is to provide an on-going science
study for
children. I was fascinated by our study of bogs. In fact, I still
maintain the
one we started in your class 2 years ago. I was wondering if it is
possible to
create a bog, say by a river, and have it thrive? If so, I want to talk
to the
Park Dept. in Lexington to see if I receive the grant, if they will let me
create one in the park. Then students could go there to study the plant life.
Please let me know if my thoughts are feasable. Thank you very much for your
imput. Sincerely,  [teacher's name withheld because I don't have her


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