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in answer to scott shumway's query:
Wendy Zomlefer's Guide to Flowering Plant Families is a good, 
relatively inexpensive (~$30.) guide. it is not a textbook - but has 
served me well as a reference book. i do not use it with my classes.


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> I use Raven et al as a textbook for my sophomore level botany class which
> currently covers plant anatomy and a survey of the plant kingdom.  Over
> time I have cut out coverage of physiology and of algae in order to spend
> more time on the plant survey.  I think that it is important for students
> to know something about the major flowering plant families.  I attempt to
> teach them about 25 flowering plant families.  The problem is that Raven
> has no coverage of plant families.  Other general botany texts have very
> little on plant families.  It is inappropriate to require my class to
> purchase another $100 textbook on plant taxonomy.   While I might study
> texts like Walters and Keil (Vascular Plant Taxonomy) or Cambell, Judd, et
> al (plant systematics: a phylogentic approach - I'm going from memory so I
> don't have the exact authors or title), these texts contain much more
> detail than my students need to learn.  Is there a reasonably priced,
> appropriately illustrated and user-friendly guide to flowering plant
> families?  Is there a general textbook that includes a limited survey of
> plant families and also has a depth of coverage similar to Raven et al?
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