[Fwd: RE: plant families]

Kathleen Pelkki pelkki at svsu.edu
Mon Oct 22 13:08:17 EST 2001

Regarding the last question from the message below....
A professor pointed out a difference between the WWW and text books....
text books typically have been edited and hopefully read by colleagues,
perhaps undergoing a number of editions and clarification/corrections. 
Oftentimes, WWW information is from one individual and, while probably
correct for the most part, how often is it formally reviewed and edited
by colleagues?  Is text book information more trustworthy (in all
science situations... not just taxonomic)?  What do you think?

Kathy Pelkki

> Scott:  There are lots of good WWW sites that could be used as surveys
> for a class like this. Just do a Google search. This would have the
> advantage of more color photographs and WWW links to other resources.
> Shouldn't we all be using the WWW in our classes more, instead of making students purchase expensive textbooks?


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