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You may want to check with the lab of Elizabeth Lord at UC-Riverside,
who's looking at cell adhesion molecules in pollination.
http://cnas.ucr.edu/~bps/lord.html   She was my thesis advisor (my work
was on floral organogenesis in Arabidopsis, not with cell adhesion).
Bill Crone, HVCC Biology

Christine Vogel wrote:

> Dear plant-group,
> I am not exactly from your field, but I'm working on
> proteins involved in cell adhesion/development, which
> contain the so-called immunoglobulin domain. I got
> interested in looking at the same type of thing in
> plants, but my literature search only revealed very
> few articles about protein mediated cell adhesion in
> plants.
> So, could possibly anybody tell me references
> concerning (protein-mediated) cell-adhesion in plants,
> cell adhesion/guidance during develpment in plants,
> and immunoglobulin domains in plant proteins?
> Thank you very much!
> Christine
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