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I think we should stay with Biosci because I really like the archive, and
it's easy to tell new people about plant-ed and other useful groups by
pointing them toward Biosci.

I must also say that plant-ed is my favorite newsgroup.  I've learned a lot
from people here as I've started my career as a college professor.  I'm at a
very small college so I really enjoy the interaction with other plant
biologists here.

It seems that every year or so, we come up to the same problem of spam.
Perhaps the most useful way to deal with it if it annoys you is post an
interesting question.  That will generate responses and swamp out the spam.
I for one just use my delete key.  Most spams are pretty obvious from the
subject line.


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I was hoping the move of BIOSCI ( to the UK in '99
and their attempt to electronically filter out spam would have done a
better job than this, but alas it hasn't.  We've discussed going to a
moderated format before and I think it is time to consider it again.  It
would mean that all messages sent to Plant-ed would come first to me (or
some other moderator) and then the moderator would forward all
legitimate messages to a secret BIOSCI address before they would go to
the list and to the archive.  An alternative to moderation at BIOSCI is
to move the entire list to a private listserve.  With a listserver there
would be no archiving or ability to search past messages, but it would
free someone of doing the moderation and the conversation might be a bit
more spontaneous.  

If you feel strongly one way or another lets hear from you (up to a
point or this conversation will drive people away!)  After a few days of
discussion I will post a survey form with several options including no
change, moderation, or moving the group away from BIOSCI.

So don't bail out yet!

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