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Tue Sep 25 11:02:57 EST 2001

You might try HYDROSOURCE WATER CRYSTALS  available from Ward's [and
probably other sources].  I think this may be the same water-absorbing
"crystals" that came with a seed germination test kit I tried a few
years ago. [I don't remember the company's name that sent the samples
to me.]  It worked well and was transparent enough to follow root
growth nicely in a large culture tube.  I wasn't concerned about
recovering roots for study later, but when I finally discarded the
plants, the gel particles fell off in clumps.

This is the "stuff" that is sometimes added to soil to increase its
water holding capacity.  The small "crystals" absorb a tremendous
amount of water, greatly increasing volume in the process, so if you
try it, experiment with very small amounts to find what works best.

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"John E. Silvius" wrote:

> Plant Growth Media:
> I am seeking a hygroscopic medium that would serve as a rooting
> medium for plants while at the same time permitting either viewing
> access to roots or ease in removal of medium in the process of
> recovering roots for study.   Can anyone advise me on the names and
> manufacturers.    Can anyone suggest a source of such media?
> References to literature would be great, too!
> Thank you!
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