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Tue Sep 25 14:39:54 EST 2001

In reply to Jon Monroe's question and the comments to date.

I value plant-ed listserve above all others to which I subscribe.  None of
the others comes close to giving me really useful information on such a
regular basis.  Therefore, I hope the group will stick together in one form
or another.  I hope, too, that we can find a solution suitable to all
contributing members and even to the lurkers among us!

To Dave Starrett and others:  PLEASE do not unsubscribe.  Many of us have
benefitted from your creative ideas over the years.. whether we told you or
not.  The spammers are much like the WTC terrorists... let's not allow them
to change our way of life!  PLEASE stick with us at least until we reach a
decision about the future of plant-ed.  You can always unsubscribe later if
you don't agree with the decision.

I agree with Ross Koning that the job of moderator is an onerous one that
should not be put on the back of an active teacher/researcher.  On the
other hand, I'm not that far from retirement and beginning to think of ways
I might continue to keep a finger in plant biology after R-Day.  Perhaps
there are retirees who would volunteer to serve as our moderator?

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