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         P.S.  I WAS just being facetious here.    Dave Robinson

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Well, personally I like spam. 

I think Plant-ed helps me keep in touch with new and interesting websites on
human sexuality, as well as the latest in entrepreneurial
opportunities.....isn't that in Plant-ed's charter or something?

Plus, when students visit my office I love to watch their eyes grow wide
when they glance at the Subject line of my emails. They don't look at me as
the campus nerd anymore!

Dave Robinson 

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I was hoping the move of BIOSCI ( <>
) to the UK in '99 
and their attempt to electronically filter out spam would have done a 
better job than this, but alas it hasn't.  We've discussed going to a 
moderated format before and I think it is time to consider it again.  It 
would mean that all messages sent to Plant-ed would come first to me (or 
some other moderator) and then the moderator would forward all 
legitimate messages to a secret BIOSCI address before they would go to 
the list and to the archive.  An alternative to moderation at BIOSCI is 
to move the entire list to a private listserve.  With a listserver there 
would be no archiving or ability to search past messages, but it would 
free someone of doing the moderation and the conversation might be a bit 
more spontaneous.  

If you feel strongly one way or another lets hear from you (up to a 
point or this conversation will drive people away!)  After a few days of 
discussion I will post a survey form with several options including no 
change, moderation, or moving the group away from BIOSCI. 

So don't bail out yet! 

Plant-ed discussion co-leader 

Jonathan D. Monroe, Associate Professor 
Department of Biology, MSC 7801  
James Madison University 
Harrisonburg, VA 22807 
office: 540-568-6649 
fax: 540-568-3333 
email: monroejd at 



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