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Mon Aug 19 09:01:40 EST 2002

We offer a major in Biological Sciences that includes a core of courses all
majors must complete.  The only plant biology course majors have to take is
our introductory plant biology course.  Although we have a series of upper
level plant biology courses that students could choose to enroll in, the
current introductory plant biology course is so "boring" that it becomes
the only plant biology course students take.  As a result, a colleague (a
phycologist) and I (a mycologist) are planning to revamp our introductory
plant biology course and are looking for investigative labs that we could
incorporate into the class.  Not only do we envision that the investigative
labs would help introduce our majors to real science but that they would
demonstrate how wonderful plants are for studying many basic biological
questions.   This in turn would encourage students to sample some of the
upper level courses in plant biology we offer.   Any help that could be
provided in terms of references, links, etc. to investigative labs in plant
biology would be appreciated.


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