Vernier dataloggers

J. Kelly jkelly004 at
Wed Dec 18 00:35:46 EST 2002

Hi Gary,  I've tried them out, but to be truthful, I just wasn't sold on
them.  I had Vernier send me a setup to try out.  The sensors for biology
experiments didn't seem to be very accurate.  It was not clear how to
calibrate them and then how to determine if the calibration was
accurate.  I
has envisioned taking the probes out in the field with a lab pro or a
laptop, but the dissolved oxygen probe had to be filled that day and plugged
into a lab pro or laptop for 30 minutes before you could use it, and it
could not be totally immersed in water.  So even though they show students
with the sensors out in the field in their promotional literature, I felt
the setup was too expensive and too much trouble for my environmental
science class.
Now the physics people at HFCC love them, but they are not using the "wet"
probes.  If you want more details, give me a call.
Judy Kelly, Biology Dept, Henry Ford Community College, Dearborn MI

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