experimental plant development lab

Janet Morrison morrisja at tcnj.edu
Fri Jan 11 14:36:58 EST 2002

Hi plant ed people - 

I am planning my spring course, with lab, called The Biology of Seed
Plants. This is an upper division options course in the biology major,
with about 20 students enrolled. I want to include a lab on plant
development, but I want to get away from an anatomical descriptive lab
and do something experimental and investigative focused on the earlier
stages of development, i.e seed germination and early vegetative growth.
It would be particularly interesting to take a developmental genetics
approach to show how gene expression changes in tissues of different
developmental times and pathways. A physiological approach would also be
interesting. I have done quite a bit of searching for ideas in the
archives of biosci newsgroups, on the web, in journals that publish
biology teaching ideas - and no luck so far. Does anyone have experience
with a lab of this sort? It would have to be relatively easy to get up
and running (I am an ecologist, not a molecular biologist!) and be
flexible enough (ideally) to allow for student-driven investigations. It
can take more than one week, also, and I have a fair amount of money to

I am also planning a multi-week investigative lab on tropisms and growth
regulators. I have more resources for this idea, but any suggestions,
ideas, or tips are very welcome.

I appreciate any responses. Thanks!

Janet Morrison

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