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I have found the following web site for the Pew Initiative on Food and
Biotechnology to be very informative.

NPR's All Things Considered features segments on biotechnology and it is
possible to download them from the NPR website for your students to listen
to.    Interesting topics from the past year include ecoterrorism at a U.
Washington research facility and seed company (Monsanto?) attempts at
engineering suicide genes into crops to prevent farmers from harvesting
seeds to plant next year.

At 4:22 AM +0000 1/15/02, Jon Monroe wrote:
>Hi Plant-eders,
>I'm teaching a course on GMOs (mostly plants) for non-biology majors
>this semester and I would like some eye-catching numbers.  I'm wondering
>if any of you know how many (or what proportion of) drugs currently used
>in western medicine are obtained from GMOs (e.g. human insulin).  I know
>the number is probably large these days but I would like to know how
>large... Thanks.
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