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Dear PLANT-ED Member:

The latest issue of AgBioForum is now available online at In this issue, economists, journalists, mass
communication specialists, scientists, and communications practitioners
discuss the dynamics of the public debate on agrifood biotech in the
mass media and the forces that shape them.  Below is the table of
contents for the issue.

Communicating About Agrobiotechnology
Editor's Introduction

Publics' Opinions About Biotechnologies
Baruch Fischhoff & Ilya Fischhoff

A Primer on Risk: An Interdisciplinary Approach To Thinking About Public
Understanding Of Agbiotech
Lee Wilkins

Sending Messages Nobody Wants To Hear: A Primer In Risk Communication
Jon Palfreman

Communication Of Food-Related Risks
Katija Blaine & Douglas Powell

The Dynamics Of Scientific Controversies
Pamela J. Hines

News' Compartmentalization: Implications For Food Biotechnology Coverage
Robert A. Logan

Mass Media Communications About Agrobiotechnology
Leonie A. Marks & Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes

The Public Debate On Agrobiotechnology: A Biotech Company's Perspective
Roger W. Krueger

Public Perceptions And Willingness-To-Pay A Premium For Non-GM Foods In
The US And UK 
Wanki Moon & Siva K. Balasubramanian

Best regards, 

Nan Sukpanich
Publications Coordinator for AgBioForum

Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes
Editor of AgBioForum

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