chlorophyll and photosynthesis measurements with fluorimeter

Stephen G. Cessna cessnas at
Fri Jun 7 09:12:43 EST 2002

Plant-ed folks,

I am a biochemist who will be teaching plant physiology for the first 
time this coming year, so I'm trying to get some lab ideas...  

I have a bench-top fluorimeter that I would love to be able to put it 
to work to measure chlorophyll content, photosynthetic capacity, 
xanthophyll cycle, and other fun related stuff.  So, I'm trying to read 
up on this.  Unfortunately, the primary literature on the subject is 
very difficult for us biochemists to understand beyond the 
superficial level; there's a lot of physiology lingo in there (e.g. PAM, 
PAR, Fo, Fv/Fm, OJIP, ...???) and there is little explanation of 
exactly how these measurements are taken, or what they mean.  

Is there a good book (or other resourse) out there that goes beyond 
the undergrad plant physiology text to describe how to take these 
kinds of measurements, provide their context, and their 
interpretation?  and which is also readable for the non-specialist 

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