sex determination in plants

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If you want a basic textbook description, try
vegetable crop or horticulture texts such as Hartmann,
H.T. et al. Plant Science: Growth Development and
Utilization of Cultivated Plants.

Ethylene applied to monoecious cucumbers and pumpkins,
usually as ethephon spray, causes all flowers to be
female. This is done to increase yield since male
flowers produce no fruit. However, most cucumber
varieties are now gynoecious so naturally produce
mainly female flowers. Gibberellin sprays have been
used to promote the formation of male flowers in
gynoecious varieties of cucumbers in order to obtain
pollen for hybrid seed production. 

If you want the scientific literature, try the online
Agricola database: If you
have access to a good university library, they may
have Agricola, BIOSIS or Science Citation Index
computer databases to search. 

Online, try search engine which has a nice
feature of cached copies of webpages that may have
disappeared from the web. For example:

David R. Hershey

> Dear Plant-edders,
> I am a student doing a paper on sex determination in
plants and all I
> have found is about cromosomes determining sex but
nothing about the
> hormone´s role in this subject. I'm wondering if you
can point me
> towards good sources and maybe answer a question:
How are ethylene and
> gibberellin involved in sex expression on monoecious
> any help will be greatly appreciated!
> Pamela
> Pamela Antonioli De Rutte
> Biology Student
> pamantonioli at

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