Keeping Annuals Alive Longer than Normal

David Hershey dh321z at
Tue May 7 19:10:23 EST 2002

Here are two other replies that I received that did
not reach the newsgroup archives:

My professor, Dr. Robert Muir in the late 60's thru
most of the 70's kept a cabbage alive for at least 10
years.  As I recollect the twisted stem with a loose
to tight head -- depending on the time of year -- was
approximately 3 meters long.  It was alive when I left
Iowa City in 1979.  

Some of the Verbascum sp. (mullein) and some of the
Digitalis sp. (foxglove) biennials can be kept alive
if the flowers are removed before the seed is set. 
Another year of flowering can be achieved if the
flowers are removed before seed is set.  I also
suspect Garlic Mustard will live an additional year if
the flowers are removed before seed set.

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