Organic Chemistry and Botany

John E. Silvius SILVIUSJ at
Mon May 13 08:57:31 EST 2002

We are completing the conversion from a quarter to a semester calender
and I am hoping to insure that our biology majors complete their
Botany and Ecology components of the core curriculum during the fall
semester of their sophomore year.   They would be enrolling in our
semester course titled Botany and Ecology (5 semester  hours) 
(combination of separate quarter courses in General Botany and General
Ecology) but would also need to take Organic Chemistry (5 hrs) and
Calculus I (5 hrs).   The chemistry faculty is favoring delaying the
Botany and Ecology in favor of Organic Chemistry.

QUESTION:  Is anyone aware of the current status of the one-year of
Organic Chemistry as a requirement for graduate studies, particularly
Medical Schools (the majority of our BIO majors)?   Specifically, what
would our undergraduate applicants to grad/med schools loose if they
were to have 1 semester of organic chem. taught with biology in mind
(versus industrial chemical applications) followed by a semester (or
more?) of biochemistry?

I realize the importance of carbon chemistry even as it relates to
plant biology, but I am looking for creative ideas to solve our
curriculum issue. 


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