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Dear Plant-ed folks:

Does anyone out there have a plant development textbook they like?  I might
get to teach a junior/senior level plant development class this fall and I'm
looking at textbooks. Way back when I took the class at the beginning of
graduate school we used "Plant Development" by Steeves and Sussex.  I've
looked around a bit and there are several new textbooks, but I don't know
anyone who's used them.  I've ordered examination copies of the textbooks
below and I'd like to know if anyone has used them and what you thought of
the text if you did use it.

The textbooks I've found are:

Molecular Genetics of Plant Development by Stephen Howell
Plant growth and development by Donald Fosket
Mechanisms in plant development by Ottoline Leyser and Stephen Day
Developmental Biology of Flowering Plants by V. Raghavan
Molecular Plant Development: from gene to plant by Peter Westhoff (Editor),
Holger Jeske, Gerd Jurgens, klaus Kloppstech



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