Please help me ID plants in photo

Michael K. Davis zilch0 at
Sun Oct 27 15:02:26 EST 2002

Hi everyone!

First, I appreciate the fast feedback - water hyacinth!  I've heard of
them but didn't know what they looked like.  They are about the prettiest
weed I can think of!

Antsnio Vitor <antonio.witor at> wrote:
: At least tell us why you did remove that photo...
: :(

I pulled the photo because I have a 5Mb limit at my very inexepensive web
server and that was putting me over the top.  They charge so much per day
per Mb of excess that I just can't leave it out there.  I also want to
limit its distribution as it is copyrighted art I do intend to sell in a
much different format.

The original is in stereo - left and right pairs shot on 6x7cm color slide
film - much like the 70mm film IMAX theaters use, but this is, of course,
a 3D still.

I can not entertain any future requests for the image.  I guess this is 
another example of *early bird gets the worm*.

Thanks again!

Mike Davis


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