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The Botanical Society of America has Careers in Botany posted on its
website at

Dave Kramer

>Dear Plant-ed folks:
>Chatham College is having a campus-wide career day.  During that day we will
>talk about potential jobs related to our classes during the classes and then
>we will have a panel discussion in the afternoon with employers about
>liberal arts education.  My students have asked me individually about this
>issue also.   My question to you is: What kinds of resources are there about
>careers in plant biology?  I vaguely remember a pamphlet from ASPP about
>careers in plant physiology but I couldn't find it on their website. I've
>talked about what friends of mine did with their plant biology degrees and
>other jobs I can think of related to plant biology but I'm wondering if
>there is anything more formal out there that could be useful.
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