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Scott Shumway sshumway at
Fri Sep 27 09:15:24 EST 2002

This spring I will be offering a jr-sr level course entitled "Freshwater
and Marine Botany" for the first time.  I would very much appreciate copies
of syllabi from similar courses, recommendations on textbooks and readings,
and suggestions or protocols for lab exercises.

I envision sections on cyanobacteria, diatoms, dinoflagellates, green
algae, reds, browns, salt marsh, mangroves, seagrasses, lakes, and bogs.
If I get enough material I might someday limit the class to marine
examples.  The class will be a mixtures of lectures (75%) and discussions
of primary literature (mostly ecological) plus labs.  For field based labs
we have a small pond on campus, other ponds within a few minutes of campus,
a sphagnum bog 30 minutes away, and rocky and sandy Atlantic coast within
1-2 hrs.  Unfortunately visiting these sites in Feb-April in MA can be
rather cold and unpleasant.

In searching for textbooks I am torn between the very basic overview of
algae provided by Ravens "Biology of Plants" (which some students will
already own), the highly detailed and up to the minute with molecular
sytematics coverage provided by Graham and Wilcox's "Algae" (including a
classification system which has evolved greatly since I learned this stuff
15 years ago!), and the expense of Dawes' "Marine Botany" with no color
pictures.  Is Philip Sze's algae text still in print?

Thanks for your help. - Scott

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