Lichen community ecology exercise

Jensen, Douglas Doug.Jensen at
Fri Aug 1 11:55:53 EST 2003

Two ideas off the top of my head....

How about something like trying to infer possible modes of lichen
dispersal from their arrangement or "community" structure?  I wonder if
you might get at some better questions through something like that.  I'm
not an ecologist, so I definitely cannot design this.  

You could also explore habitat preferences between different species. 
Some parameters might be the position on the tombstone (slope and
aspect, to use the words loosely) and the type of rock. 
The scary part of this is identifying species of lichens.  I think I'd
rather key out Carex.


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Hello plant-edders
A colleague of mine is teaching a second year ecology course and is
looking for an exercise involving the community ecology of lichens,
which could be carried out in the fall or winter months in Ontario.
I am aware of one exercise that involves measuring and determining the
age of lichens on tombstones, but has anybody got any other ideas?
Any help would be appreciated.


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