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John E. Silvius silviusj at
Mon Aug 4 14:47:06 EST 2003

As near as I can tell from the photo and your description, it is Wild
Balsam-Apple, Echinocystis lobata which is shown in U. of Wisconsin
slides at this site:

That would place it in the Cucurbitaceae as Monique Reed has suggested. 
What do you think?     John

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>>> Slofolk <fantom at> 07/19/03 1:49 PM >>>

The picture shows better what I can only describe as an ivy
shaped leaf, but not as thick or darkly colored as ivy (and it
dies off in winter, reseeds itself), has a small yellow flower
(1/8" to 1/4" across) which is trumpet shaped, and a very small
fruit (1/2 inch across or so) that is marked as a watermelon.
It seems a lot like a gooseberry

there's a picture here:

I seem to remember (my memory is not always good) that I planted
seeds several years ago and it was edible, but now can't remember
for sure.   Does anyone recognize this plant?

Thanks for any help.


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