Missing presumed lost

David Alan Walker d.a.walker at sheffield.ac.uk
Mon Aug 11 03:42:46 EST 2003

Some years ago (was it 4 or 5?) Gerry Edwards and I were invited to
write an
article on photosynthetic carbon assimilation. Not without difficulty we met
the deadline within  the specified three months. After that, and attending
to editorial matters, a long silence followed. Weeks became months, months
became years. We assumed that it was lost for ever. However, in the last few
days a message from the editor to say that the relevant volume has finally
been published. For those who have waited patiently and have asked about it
from time to time "The existence of Vol. II is advertised on the IC Press
website at 
http://www.icpress.co.uk/icp/books/lifesci/p218.html and on the World
Scientific website at

>From David Walker, FRS., Emeritus Professor of Photosynthesis,
University of
Sheffield, UK.


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