Online lab quizzes in diversity courses

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I've done Power Point for weekly lab quizzes, as it helps to give a bit of
a "practical" flavor without the practical set up.  In terms of coursework
software such as Web-CT, you will want to think of ways of working it,
given that it will be "open book" whether you intend it to be or not. 
These could include limited time access to the quiz, or hard questions
that would require some additional resource use.  The Botanical Society of
America has teaching images,, and Biodidac at
the University of Ottawa would also have extensive images:

Good luck--how many students are you dealing with?  Bill Crone, HVCC Biology

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> Hello Plant-edders,
> We are thinking of giving a series of lab quizzes to the students in our
> second year diversity course, rather that one major lab exam.  Since we
> also use Web-ct, we are thinking that it should be possible to load
> images and questions onto the computers in the lab, and have each
> student complete the quiz, which could then be marked using the webct
> program.  Has anyone else tried this?  Are there suitable images, with
> labels indicating parts of specimens with questions?
> Ideally I would prefer that the students use microsopes and live
> specimens, but when the numbers reach a certain point I think I have to
> look at the alternatives!
> Christine
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