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I recently discovered a web site for the Center for International 
Ethnomedicinal Education and Research.  You might find some of the 
educational resources very useful.  It has a list of undergraduate 
institutions where ethnobotany/economic botany is taught as well as a 
list of graduate programs.

At 2:51 PM +0000 12/4/03, Beverly Brown wrote:
>I'm working on a new non-majors "Plants and People" course and looking
>for texts.  The best I've found so far is Levetin and McMahon, "Plants
>and Society" but I am not terribly excited about it.  The course is more
>of an economic botany class, rather than straight botany.  Any other ideas?
>Also, where might innovative ideas in botany education be published?
>  Are there any journals you use, or are aware of, where articles on
>botany education are published?
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