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> Also, where might innovative ideas in botany
education be published? 
>  Are there any journals you use, or are aware of,
where articles on 
> botany education are published?
> THanks!
> Beverly

I provided a list of journals for botany education
articles back in December, 1995:

and a list of botany education articles in April,

An addition to the journals mentioned in the 1995 post
would be The Plant Science Bulletin, which often
carries education articles. It is not refereed like
most of the other journals mentioned if that makes a
difference. An advantage of the Plant Science Bulletin
is that it has a free online archive unlike most of
the other journals. 

I recently published an education article in the Plant
Science Bulletin dealing with Misconceptions about
Helmont's Willow Experiment:

David R. Hershey

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